Crumble Away
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darkie_chan Gone in the upside down for summer break
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Just a brief of the creepypasta I heard on Sally Williams. They have many stories but this is the one I heard. (Art's not mine-)

Crumble Away

The sweet innocent I used to know is gone. The pink of her cheeks now pale. The brightness on her face now dead.

She never plays with her friends anymore. Never really looks at the world with enthusiam.

It all crumbled away.

A man she loved soon hurt her deeply. He's the cause of all this. The reason she no longer feels bliss.

He made her smile crumble away.

Poor little girl, she was all on her own. One day she told her mother what was going on. Her mom told her dad, her dad told the man. The poor little girl made the evil man mad.

So he took her in his car, told her they were going someplace far. Little girl, was so terrified she was only 8 years old.

Her life was crumbling away.

The man grabbed a rock, took it to her head. Smashed until she was dead. Where's the little girl now?

She only wanted to live a life, full of happiness. But now she can't, how sad.

So you ask, who's this girl of glee?

That girl was me.

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