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darkeneddreamsI'm usually just here or on Wattpad.
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They told her that welcoming darkness was wrong.

But she did it anyways.

And she learned about darkness.

And this is what she learned.


By Gabriela Rodriguez

Escape isn't easy.

Some people wait their whole lives to escape the brutal darkness. Others are born free.

Say It.

You could say it's real, it's the truth; but it will stay wil you until the end anyways. Or you could say it a dream; and the darkness will forever haunt the back of your mind.


Truthfully, you can't really expect what killed you to somehow care for you. But it does.

Good & Pure.

It takes care of those who accept it; who accept the darkness and what comes with it. It keeps them safe, keeps them happy. And the darkness seems good.


But those who don't never learn how darkness can be so welcoming. And they never will.

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