Monster anxiety stories
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by danraaf

i lived in a cell before i ever went to jail encased myself in darkness for security surety it would come in waves like reverberating white light not the Holy Ghost kind

more like a clench your eyes shut and hope for sleep to sleep through the little rolls of terror that seem never ending lying in bed for hours in pitch darkness

awake out of breath gasping for air, hoping my system doesn't shut down with an elevated pulse one would be able to hear the erratic beat though i was always alone

i tried so many remedies xanax and alcohol and seroquil but i never left the cell couldn't even when i walked the streets in blinding sunlight following the shadows beneath the few trees

down the alleyways always feeling at the verge of death by terror it never left me it lived inside me i moved and it followed i couldn't escape the cell

didn't know how if i wanted to began to embrace it filling it with more monsters and demons building it my home i lived in that home i became a monster i am a monster

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