Eyes of My Sin
Eyes of My Sin stories

dannyDepressing whatever.
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I saw the look in the eyes of this girl at a prom recently and it inspired me to write this one.

Eyes of My Sin

On that day, you lost the sparks in your eyes, On that day, you left a mark in my life, What beauty it has rendered to you, Beauty at the cost of your soul.

All I could see was the soul behind it, Hiding the pain and letting it seep, Beneath all your childish laughter, You are broken.

I find it tragic, Tragic and beautiful, Poignant and joyful, Oh heaven, how I pity those eyes.

Please, won't you stop enticing me? For I am weak and lonely, And this heart grows weary, God knows, the longer I look, the more I crave.

I am loving your suffering, Another sin I'm not proud of, Apologies to see that you shine, Shining only in your darkest moment.

I pray those eyes will come back alive,

Even if it means to part from your magnificence.

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