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dannibear1461Poetess, words hold many meanings
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by dannibear1461


Where oh where do I begin ? Go out and meet people, juggle my life , or try the online dating ?

This journey called life is hard to understand Why people hide behind gadgets to find love ? Pretending and deceiving for their own gratification Please help me understand the justification

Dating is lost through tapping away On a phone or keyboard where messages go astray. In the hope of what ?

In the hope the person your investing time in, is genuine and true ? Don't kid yourself , they are catfishing you ....

You share your past, hopes and fears But all the while feeding their ears For their own pleasure and ego To lighten their burdens of the lives they lead

Suspicions rise with each story they tell But when you question them your sent to hell With silence and avoiding the answers you seek It's not you , they are weak

The end of them feeling special and needed comes to a halt The truth just clicked like a thunderbolt

Strong people build others up and stand true They don't hide behind a screen to deceive you Instead they stay constant all the way through

Through experiences of life's journey we learn lessons These make us and define who we are Through morals and standards we will all go far

Trust what your instincts tell you not your heart or your head They pray on basic human emotions of love, so listen to your instincts They won't let you go wrong

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