Youth and the Mirage

DancingleavesJust a lonely person trying to write.
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at the dawn of time Youth had a faithful encounter with the Mirage which decided it's fate which we see in today's era or shall we say every era.

youth :the period between childhood and adult age

mirage: an unrealistic hope or wish that cannot be achieved.

Youth and the Mirage

by Dancingleaves

Sitting on rock Gazing at the silver river Bents down to splash water On my hot burning face.

Out there on the horizon, Is a figure standing, Arms spread, Legs apart Motioning me to close the gap.

Squinting my eyes Zooming the scenery I find a handsome lad Looking at me longingly.

WITH all the promises of faith With all resolutions of togethernes, With all promises of day and light With all resolutions of bright night It beholds a tempting future.

I like young lass Moves up and stands Smoothening my dress And flipping my hair

It urges me to follow In the bright horizon I, a young oblivious Follow to witness , All the promises of prosperity.

I run, I sprint, I hop, I jump,

I follow the lad The sun drowns Out comes the moon in all its glory Fully bright Out shining the stars with its own story

I follow and follow But not even a step do I get closer Moon drowns And sun awakes

I follow and follow But the lad Out of my reach The sun drowns And comes the night with no moon but only starlight

I follow and follow Comes the 366th day I follow and follow Comes another 366th day

I follow and follow<br> The lad still at horizon Out of my reach One day I stop So does the lad

In the lake aside I gaze at the reflection Gone was the pale white skin Gone were the black ringlets

The lad still shining in its glory Out stretches his arms Legs wide apart Calls for me With the promises of eternity

I touched my forehead Rough and skinny I feel the lines of fate Getting more deep and deep

I touched my hair I see snow white strands I see my limbs All skinny like matchsticks

But the lad Still young and shinny Looking with promises of eternity Arms spread and legs apart Gazing at me expectantly

Suddenly I realizel I do not know his name His beauty made me forget The etiquettes of introduction

I shout out loud "My lord I appologise for a bit delay But I am Youth Pleased to make you acquaintance And you are ..."

With a heartwarming smile He shakes his head and says: "I am Mirage and my dear You are now old"

I realize the trap But it's a little bit late The handsome lad waving his hands Arms spread and legs apart vanishes into thin air I now on my knees drown in the deepest sorrow.

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This is well done. It is an epic poem that lends wisdom for any point in out timeline as human beings. Great job!!!!