Cherry Blossom
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Part 2 The next day they arrived at a little, deserted, Summer island. Everybody had their job, getting food, medicinal plants and wood for that night’s party.

Cherry Blossom

Part 2

The next day they arrived at a little, deserted, Summer island. Everybody had their job, getting food, medicinal plants and wood for that night’s party.

Everyone was happy, eating and drinking, it was hot outside so everybody decided to sleep outside.

Sanji was wasted, he missed them so much, missed drinking and partying without a care in the world.

And speaking about worries, were was the marimo? He drank a lot like always but he was not there with the others, sleeping and snoring.

Sanji got mad, so mad! Why the fuck did he care, why did he have to observe every little gesture, every muscle, every smirk? Why the fuck was he so obsessed with the marimo suddenly?

Not even thinking he went into the boys cabin and found Zoro fast asleep. He slammed the door hard and locked it.

Zoro woke up and hurried his hand to his swords, he was just about to let them go when he saw the blond but then something in his look had him pinned in the place.

“What the fuck asshole, I was sleeping here!”



“You heard me! Get that damn T-shirt off!”

“No, why should I? Have you gone crazy?”

“Marimo, I am so sick and tired of this! I am tired to obsess of you because something changed and I can feel it but I don’t know what it is! I AM SO TIRED OF WORRING BECAUSE OF YOU!”

“Then don’t asshole. No one asked you too. Besides, nothing changed. I am still me so go sleep!”

“You are not getting rid of me so easily!” Two steps was all it took for Sanji to get to Zoro and catch his shirt in his hands. “If you don’t do it, then I will.”

He looked at Zoro and the man was scared to death. Zoro, scared. What the fuck could be that bad?

“No, no, cook stop!”

“Zoro don’t make me rip it because I will.”


What the fuck? He was saying his name now? That almost never happened.

“Zoro … please!”

“No, I can’t!”

“Come on, it’s just me here. No one will see. It will be just between you and me. Do you really hate me that much?”

“Fuck cook, I don’t hate you at all.”

“If you don’t hate me, and I don’t hate you, and we are nakama … “

“I really can’t. It’s so embarrassing!”

“Come on marimo! Please trust me. I just want to see if you are not hurt and I will leave you alone.”

“You will not believe me if I say it is not a wound, no?”

“No, I have to see.”

“You have to swear you will not tell a soul.”

“I solemnly swear I won’t tell a soul! Now turn around. “

Zoro sat on the bed on his stomach, with his hands under his face and clenching the pillow almost ripping it.

Sanji lift up his shirt little by little fearing what he could find there but it was so far from the truth.

“You can laugh now, I know it’s girly as hell.”

“Why the fuck would I laugh? Can I touch you?”

“You are not laughing? Why? And touch me? What the…?”

“Ok stop! Zoro it is beautifull!”

“Beu… What???”

“Oh shut the fuck up!” What Sanji found was a treasure. His beloved cherry blossom flowers on the marimo’s back, as if taken by the wind.

He saw girls having tattoos on their back but none looked as good and sexy as him. He put one finger on the other’s back and trailed the twig from low to up.

He saw Zoro’s skin hair lifting up but said nothing.

“I didn’t know you were the type.” He said almost whispering. It was an important moment.

Sanji realized that he wanted to know more, he wanted to kiss those flying petals, but Zoro was a guy so could he?

“I am not. Perona got me really drunk one night, like dead drunk and tattooed me.”

“Why the fuck do you hide it?”

“Hiding it aside how did you notice?”

Could he say it? Was he ok with it? Will Zoro be ok? Oh screw it!

“I was looking at you and saw something was amiss.”

Zoro tried to lift himself from the bed but Sanji hold him down.

“Please let me look a little more.”

“Sanji, why were you looking at me?”

“Well I missed you all.”

“And …?”

“And it was pretty normal to look at you all.”

“But why were you looking at me?”

Before answering, before finding his words, he did something that he never thought he was ok with, he kissed Zoro’s back, on one of the petals. Zoro looked shocked but didn’t get up.

Just looked at the cook with big, amazed and even a little scared eyes.


“I like it a lot.”

“So much that you had to kiss it? Cook I am no woman.”

“I noticed. I also noticed that you are also watching me. I know that you sacrificed yourself for me. Do you know these are my favorites?”

“Yes. I also noticed…”

They looked for a moment at each other, trying the waters, but the fire was so hot that it burned through flesh, through bone and got to the soul.

They could not say if it was one or the other that closed the distance and kissed but they were on the same page.

They wanted it, mouths clashing, lips sucked, tongues lapping at each other and sending shivers all over.

“Please stop me now cook or else I won’t be able to hold. I am no woman and you are drunk. Please stop it now and don’t hate me tomorrow.”

“Zoro, look at me! I want this as bad as you do. All this 2 years all I could think was how you would have laughed at me, or how you would behave or ... You were the one that kept me sane.

Zoro, I want you!”

With a grunt that seemed to came from the bottom of his heart, Zoro jumped Sanji, kissing him, touching, embracing and undressing him.

“Fuck I want this for so long! I want you Sanji!”

“I want you too Zoro!”

They touched each other and kissed till they had no air. They were both hot and bothered.

“Want me to stop cook?”

“I told you no!”

“Not all, just not the final step maybe. We are both drunk and …”

“Zoro, fuck me!”

If Zoro was not hard enough till now, he got as hard as rock and his head was slicked. His kissed Sanji’s body limb by limb, sucking and licking until he made the blond sob with want.

His member was hot and lean, hard and slick, and seemed the best thing he could taste. Zoro got his tongue on the head and Sanji almost yelled.

It was so good! Licking it again, he went from the base to the head and lapping at the liquid there. Zoro felt a hand gripping his hair and pulling.

“Zoro do it already!”

“Did you ever did something like this with a man?”

“Yes, I had my chances with some customers when I was at the Baratie so I know what it’s next. Do you have …?”

“Yes, even though I thought I will never use it.”

“Well, never say never.” Sanji said and chuckled. Zoro was nervous and it was a lovely sight. He was cute. Oh my God he really was cute.

Not stopping any more, he dragged him up and kissed him hard. He was happy and wanting and … he wanted it all!

“Zoro come on!”

He didn’t say it all that he felt a slicked finger touching his dick from head to base, balls were played with and then advancing were it was needed, easily probing.

The blond was feeling it all and Zoro relaxed also. He wanted this so much but he didn’t want to hurt. So he accorded all the attention the cook needed, till the moment he was thrown on the bed.

Was Sanji angry…? But why?

No, Sanji was not angry but he wanted it so bad and the swordsman was taking it so slow that he felt his brain melt. He straddled Zoro and hold himself on the other’s dick.

Oh fuck he was hard and thick and perfect. It hurt a little but it was them, hurting and liking and bad but so good! They went at it for hours, and it was the best experience ever.

Before falling asleep Sanji had an idea.

“Zoro, do you think tomorrow I will see flowers?”


“I was wondering if I will see flowers when I will be looking on the deck.”

“Sleep, pervert cook!”



The next day Sanji was wrecked but happy, he was moving slowly but whistling. One by one the others got up. He almost dropped a plate when he heard Chopper yelling.


He looked outside the kitchen and saw all the crew around Zoro, the marimo was working out with his back at the kitchen, SHIRTLESS.

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