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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

Today- it was eventful- I guess... We had a mission- "The Ghost of Miss. Armett" - She was a type 2 ghost- with a horrible arm- AND I MEAN HORRIBLE- like it WASNT THERE! Art was there though, they helped me fight it off- I'm pretty sure I scared them. I wasn't exactly in my right mind- I let all of my anger out on the ghost. Now- if it was a person that was ALIVE I would feel bad

- wait, no i wouldnt. Nevermind.

After the ghost disappeared I looked at Art- THEY WERE A BLOODY FRICKIN MESS! So I asked what I thought was very normal to ask "Are you ok?" I knew they weren't, they were walking funny and had blood all over their once pristine shirt. I tried to crack a joke- but I'm pretty sure I failed. So I offered some of my cold tea to Art instead- I wished it was warm, BUT THE THOUGHT COUNTS, right?

At least that's what I hope he got out of it- We stand still- and just chill, for at most 2 minutes- or at least that's how long we thought we were there. I mention the ghost and they looked at the watch like he saw a ghost. *wink wink* I know time flies when we are having fun... but does it fly when your with someon- nevermind...

Turns out we stayed listening to each other breathe for 30 FIGGIN MINUTES! LIKE WHAT! We tackle the long flight of stairs, its like eerily quiet- a house this big shouldn't have been this quiet... I turned on my light-giver and there was no ghost in sight. ALL OF A SUDDEN CHARLEY, FRIGGIN CHARLEY JUST BOUNCES OUT OF NOWHERE LIKE "Oh yeah! We found the sourse in the most

obvious of places!" Of course I was grateful and stuff- but she could have tried to find us and tell us this SOONER!

But like- overall- we worked kinda good I guess. Our team has had its up and downs- but we all got over them- :) ~Andy

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