Andys Journal

Andys Journal #damnitandy stories
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damnitandy (╯‵□′)╯ I know you like me, admit it!
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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

Its been a few days since the tangled mess, and we have to write sentences. SENTANCES! ME! WRITE! I can barley think sentences I honestly dont think Akani had this "punishment" thought out.

We talk about the case- and how many detail were left out of the report we were given. Rommie and Elliot came today- I kindly offered Elliot a seat- they declined, kinda hurted me though. :(

I start to chew on my pencil, getting a little lost in thought, thinking about Fr- never mind- he is now irrelevant.

I join in on the discussion at hand. They talk about dropping the case, which is the only thing that is keeping me going.

Charley goes on about how we "need help", so I offer Elliot's services. Then Rommie decides to go Dr. Facilier on us all. Till next time I guess ~Andy

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