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damnitandy (╯‵□′)╯ I know you like me, admit it!
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Journal Entry Time!

Andys Journal

So I followed the stupid girl, and then Art comes in, his boots- yeesh, don't wake up the whole neighborhood! Anyways- the place was covered in dust, it was kinda gross, but I shut my mouth- for once- because this was getting serious. Like Helllloooo? Charely? You possesed or something??

Art like, I don't know, charged at Charley saying "blah blah blah fired blah" so you know- I had to retaliate- I couldn't let him attack my best friend like that! Charley if this goes straight to your head, ill kill you. She says some shit about "Oh, you didnt have to come." BRUH, you think I gonna leave my best friend to be food for the ghosts, or something? No.

So, Charley gets cold feet and we TRY to leave. Turns out the door is locked. Hmmmmmm, heyyy ghostie, we don't wanna hurt you, but if you hurt my friends, ILL KILL THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU! *AhEm* Anyways the door is locked, and then Art said some words- I don't even remember- and then smart-ass Charley says its a poltergeist, and I'm just like:


Anyways, we try to be calm and collected, so as almost adults, we did the adult thing to do- we ran into the closet. The ghostie knew where we were- the STUPID-ASS DOOR made a loud-ass CREEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

So- we are in the closet. Waittt- I thought I came out!- Same with Art! Charley..... is there something your not telling me? ~Andy

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