Andys Journal- but its different Pt 1

Andys Journal- but its different
Pt 1 #damnitandy stories
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Journal Entry Time! But its different...

Andys Journal- but its different Pt 1

A/N: This isnt your regular journal entry- this is what Andy was doing when Art and Charley had some alone time. And all credit goes to the artists - whoever/wherever they may be

Its morning time. There was no one around, finally some time to myself. I sneak out of the house before anyone could stop me. I forgot my jacket, shit. I dont go back into the old place becuse this is my sweet escape.

I start walking down the deserted street, its way to early for people to start walking about, but thats whats peaceful about it.

I walk a good 2 miles, to a place I havent visited in a loonng time. A place filled with happy turned sad memories. I sit down on a park bench and just breathe in for a minute. The park was peaceful, like it always was. No one was out, except the occacional jogger and their dog.

I look around, remembering the good old days, before I started working, and you know, killing ghosts. Before "it" happened...

I see someone- no it cant be...

The memories start to pour through the flood gates I carefully had put up...

He stood still, looking right at me... I'm skrewed...

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