10 Underrated Self Care Things To Do
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Do them. Trust me. You can thank me later. Do 3 of these and comment "DONE" in the comments :)

10 Underrated Self Care Things To Do

1. Scribble with a crayon as hard as you can on a big sheet of paper

2. Make a wishlist on each of your favorite shops' websites

3. Go to sleep as early as you can bear

4. Change your whole outfit - underwear, shoes, hairstyle, the lot.

5. tidy up your bedroom

6. open a window, sit next to it

7. talk to your siblings, see what they're up to

8. Sit down and study for a bit, then see how you feel

9. go to a library and wander around in the quiet

10. play the "would you rather?" game with a friend

Do at least 3 of these and comment DONE in the comments once you finish!

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"DONE" I have no siblings. I don't sit by an open window (Either the A/C or Heater is on I go outside and sit under my trees while write. All my friends have already done what they had "rather". The remainder of the items on your list should be life long habits. I loved your positive attitude and your challenge (I think you youngins call it 'throw down') to others to take positive steps in their life. You left out, "Go to the rifle range at least once a week and fire for accuracy. Great post!!!!!