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by Dakota

she felt nothing

she would walk through life, noticing everything, seeing all

but feeling nothing

people would try to make her smile

jokesters and wise men and handsome athletes

all would try

all would fail

one night though, staring out her window

she noted a figure


a girl's face

this girl was imprinted in her mind

she could think of nothing else

every night she would stare out her window



she saw her again

finally, she could feel something

only this girl's face could make her feel

she felt the need to plant sunflowers

the need to commune with the moon and stars

the need to eat berries in the shade of a tree

but only with this girl could she do these

finally, she saw the girl again

it was only the third time

she called out to her

the two planted everything

communed with everything

ate everything under the shade of every tree

the girl found the wonder of the world

in the simple sight of a girl's face

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