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There will always be a space in our lives made from a significant person who chose to leave. And all you're left is that space filled with the memories the person gave you.


by daisy

How do I move forward?

The space that I created specifically for him when he first arrived in my life is still intact.

There’s a whiff of his scent in the corner

where he used to sit with me and listened to the stories that often unraveled.

His warmth is still on the table

where he occasionally rested his elbows in order to perfectly position his face to gaze at me.

On the floor,

stains of blue acrylic paint can be seen made from the time he tried to re-create a sunny day for me

when all I saw was gray clouds.

When he left,

he didn’t have the courtesy to take back what he has given me.

How do I move forward

when there are bits of him floating in the space I made just for him?

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