To those who hate themselves
To those who hate themselves success stories

dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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To those who hate themselves

by dahreejayne

Hey there. I know this sounds creepy but I know something about you even when I don't know who you are.

You're the kind of person that probably has no idea what to do with his/her life. Completely lost but just accepting it.

You probably don't know how to react to compliments either. Most likely to divert your eyes from the person who praises you.

You may also have trust issues when people say you can rely on them. Because you'll probably depend on yourself.

You might also be the person who gets really upset when they disappoint others, or when you don't reach your own expectations.

But, did you know? I'm that kind of person as well. You see...

I used to answer people with: "uhm, I don't really know," when they ask about what course I'll take or what I'll be when I grow up.

There was a time when I won this national level award and everyone was just showering me with compliments...

And all I could do was immediately look at the ground or somewhere else as long as it wasn't them. I was less than confident of myself.

People also tend to assure me that they can do something for me, but I end up accomplishing it before they do because I feel that they might just get my hopes up.

Another thing I can remember is when they learn to trust you, they trust you with EXPECTATIONS. So when I disappointed them, I was questioned of my abilities.

It hurt a lot and I have to admit, I kind of blamed them first for assuming things about me but...

I eventually got over it. Moments of failure can really lead you to looking down on yourself.

But you should never forget that these things happen for you to learn how strong you can be.

Success doesn't choose among us. In fact, we choose success.

You should believe in yourself more. Remember, challenges are given to you because you CAN overcome them.

You won't be presented with hurdles if you can't jump over them. The challenges we face were made for us.

They exist to help us grow and develop the strength we never knew we had. Please, stop hating yourself.

You have the key to your success. It's either you hold on to it or you use it. Don't even think about letting it go. I'm here to help tighten your grip on it.

Success awaits you. Don't be afraid to reach for it.

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