In the heart of a weak commaful writer
In the heart of a weak commaful writer moment stories

dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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Enter a deep dark hole in the soul of a happy writer.

In the heart of a weak commaful writer

by dahreejayne

I am struggling. I can't help but be disappointed with myself. Empty notifications? Oh. My stories are not good enough.

It hasn't been that long since I started writing out my thoughts and feelings here freely. Some, I regret publishing. So I delete them.

I delete them because they represent and remind me of my failure. The failure to connect with people. It's one of the worst things an amateur writer like me could go through.

Soon enough,I'll be getting rid of this one as well. It reveals too much of who I really am.

A writer with low self-esteem yet composes pieces to motivate other people. A person who can't inspire herself.

I want to cry, but I ran out of tears. I'll end this dramatic episode of mine here.

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