Be The Strength You Need
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dahreejayneWrites thoughts for comfort
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Going through problems? Big and small? Read to find the solution.

Be The Strength You Need

by dahreejayne

Being misunderstood and having your voice unheard is the worst feeling you could get when trying to actually connect with people.

Talking to them was hard enough, now this? Can't I have a chance to at least have someone to share my thoughts with?

Do I not have a right to build relationships with people--experience the warmth of having people to rely on?

Why is it so difficult for me to just approach them, say what I want them to know and have an identity?

Not being able to talk to anyone is like not existing at all. I mean, you're the only one who's aware of yourself.

It sucks, really. Fortunately, I found my way out of this dilemma.

I went out to the world, and took steps little by little. I didn't force myself on others when they weren't comfortable with me.

It pained me when I realized that not everyone will like me but I got over it. I had to get over it.

Because of that, I was able to see my worth...and what I could do. All I needed to was wait.

I learned to fight against the negativity inside me. I was stronger than ever. I was my own angel--my own source of motivation.

To the person who is reading this, I hope you overcome all the hardships you are going through right now. Don't give in.

There's no better motivation than acknowledging how far you've gone. Just because you aren't good at something, it doesn't mean your worth lessens.

Learn to fight that demon inside of you. It may not disappear because it's a part of you. But who said you won't be able to overpower it?

If I did it, then you can, too. Fight on!

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