High Horse
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Once upon a time... there was a Princess.

High Horse

Once upon a time...

there was a Princess.

Her fairytale life was set up for her

with all the wealth and all the love.

She was always awake.

A warrior, strong as the wind

bright as the light

temperamental as a volcano.

One day this princess decided she did not like her story

and wanted to change the way it will end.

She was gone!

All the kings men on their horses could not find her.

Through any windstorm, rain or shine.

She is gone.

Her Prince was useless and helpless

not all Princess’ need a Prince.

He couldn’t hear her silence,

just like a small child, he was incompetent

and just like that

She was gone again,

for she is the captain

of her life.

And only SHE lived happily ever after...

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