Queen of the Wasps
Queen of the Wasps wasp stories

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Gerald daydreams about owning a wasp army...

Queen of the Wasps

by dadwriter101

Gerald never liked doing things the easy way. That was why he was trying to entice the wasps to live in the hive.

"They're just skinny bees", he told all the Doubting Thomases. "Little bit more aggressive, but same thing."

One day he would be their queen. Did wasps have a monarchy? He wasn't sure.

It would be something of an uphill struggle, but he would teach them how to make honey. How hard could it be?

Failing that, he would train them to be his personal, winged army. His enemies would be reduced to red, swollen blobs of flesh.

And he would take over the free world with his stripy accomplices by his side, doing his bidding.

They would call him The Wasp Man, and nobody would be safe from his black and yellow clutches. A smile crept across his face.

"I'm sorry sir, but we don't sell wasps here. This is a pet shop." Gerald turned away, disappointed.

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