Desert Island Dicks
Desert Island Dicks desert stories

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After a plane crash, each survivor shares their skills with the group.

Desert Island Dicks

by dadwriter101

The survivors of the plane crash came together as night drew in, huddled around the still burning fuselage.

One man stood up. He had a chiseled jaw and rugged features. "I trained as a survival expert for 17 years, I can teach us all to be self-sufficient."

A petite woman with a weathered visage then stood and turned to the group. "I was an ER nurse for 35 years, I can tend to the sick and injured."

A young man then stood, looking down at the ground, shifting his weight from side to side. "I'm training to be a therapist, I could counsel those who suffered trauma from the crash."

Am overweight middle-aged man then stood, with considerable effort. "Well, I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order."

He was the first to be eaten.

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