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A duet for two lonely robots.

Someone like me

by -D1

Guy robot

All the time I move around with no sense of purpose, I'm created to serve, is that a blessing or a curse?

Am I just a bunch of circuits? No emotions, only cold-hearted? Would I be the same even if I'm reformatted?

I see people holding hands, My system can't comprehend,

What's the meaning of all these? Will I ever have this feeling of bliss?

Girl robot

All my limbs they move with grace and perfect tension, But I'm not alive, just clockworks in my master's mansion,

Do I look beautiful?  That is beyond my comprehension, Why do I have these feelings?  Will I ever fulfill my satisfaction?


How can I live without a heartbeat? Am I just broke beyond repair? A never ending walk upon this lone street, Is there someone like me out there?

Guy robot

As the years past, I've been replaced at last, Left in a wasteland to rust, Just junk metal collecting dust.

Girl robot

Saw you charging at a station, You grabbed my attention, There's a tingling sensation, I stopped for a conversation.


I'm just a bunch of steel, I never thought that I could feel!

When we look into each other’s eyes, There's nothing more to disguise, Bluetooth or WiFi? We're more than just sci-fi!

Now there is someone like me, out there.

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