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Inspired by 5cm per second

Fallen Snow

by - d-

You met, Became inseparable, If only for a moment, Like preschool friends, Instant chemistry, Pure without judgment,

You thought nothing will end this, Between you stood forever, Now you breathe.

Years go by, Unexpected narratives swoop in, Dad’s been transferred, You said your hasty goodbyes,

Vowed to keep contact, Vowed to always feel the same, Now you grief.

Separated by atoms, Separated not by bits, Remember the sandbox in preschool? It's now Facebook. You're both connected! You talk...but through a screen,

Glimpsed snippets of each other’s lives, Everything seems well, Now you’re relieved.

Your feelings grew stronger, You felt like she’s the one, Did she feel the same? She must have, There’s no other way, In truth she did too.

You hesitated to send that message, What if? It’s just me? She thought the same too,

You never sent that message. Twas new year’s eve .

It’s college time, You’re moving even further, You thought you should meet her,

You said hi, Talked about the good times, You wanted to tell her something, That she meant more than friends,

You never did, Now you leave.

You both end up working in the city, You walked past a familiar body, At the corner of your eye, Could that be?

Is that her? If I turn back now? Will she turn too? You turned,

Just a sea of people, No, She did not,

You sigh a relief. You smile to yourself, Finally comprehending,

That distance was the master, It placed you on different paths, But you thought it was the same,

No, no she’s not, She’s not that person on social media, They’re only snippets, Mere fragments,

You finally realize, It is what it is, You move on,


Now you live.

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