There's a garden
There's a garden poetry stories
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cymbidium412I enjoy writing poetry in my free time.
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About my personal experience with a struggling friendship

There's a garden

There's a door on the wall of a great brown hall and we're all told to dismiss it

We know what's on the other side we don't forget what it was like but sometimes we don't miss it

There's a garden caught by four brown walls where we're not allowed to enter

The sky is free just to the tree, cause bush and grass and fern and bee are kept captive in the center

The music on the radios seemed to change from long ago, the sound just isn't coming in as clear

I can't help but shake my head when I hear what they hear instead, it's like a foreign language to my ear

If humankind lived in the sea I could be fine with you and me, but truth be told I favor solid ground

We didn't build a coral reef the past was built of tree and leaf so in the salty shallows it would drown

All the jokes we told before aren't funny anymore, and all the songs we used to sing seem to be off-key

So I squint through the dirty glass to look upon our blurry past and ask the question: was it you or me?

But I've always had real crappy eyes so I can't see behind the lies- no we’ll just have to wait and see

Though I don't forget the jaws snapped wide when I got thrown inside and heard “it was you or me”

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