The Crow
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The Shaman gives Dani a strange drink that sends her into the Netherworld where she confronts the Crow.

The Crow

She hits the rocks hard, scrambling to hold on as she slid toward the bottom of a massive ravine.

I'm going to die.

Her foot catches, and she digs her fingers into a cleft in the rock. Rivulets of blood roll down her elbow.

The wind whips around he as she fights to climb back up the sheer cliff face. She hears the bird wings, before she sees them. Thousands of feathers beat against her, talons ripping at her flesh.

She's sliding down the cliff again.

Shutting her eyes, she curls up and hits the ground. Instead of a sharp broken bone fall it's different. Not soft, but survivable.

Black clouds and lightening fill her skill and she screams as her body is forced onto her feet.

Beast charge toward her. They are mangy shorthaired dog demons, nearly the size of her. Their front legs are shorter than their back ones, thick and powerful.

Growing and hacking, they reveal thicker fangs the length of her fingers in their massive snouts.

Running as fast as she can, she dodges stone spires jutting from the ground. Small pebbles and large stones present themselves at ill-opportune times, slowing her down, but she can't stop.

She can't dare. Fear rages through her. Death is at her heels.

The cliffs rise high over head as another sheer cliff face grows in front of her. A large crow flies overhead. It lands on a boulder. Sparks fly and a black cloud billows from the broken rock.

Like a river branching, it surrounds her. The dogs stop behind her, but don't attack, snarling and hacking.

Trembling violently and gasping for breath, she senses her end has come her in this strange world.

The crow's eyes rattle, flipping around and it opens its mouth, a scream erupts in a man's voice.

"Nigh, Nigh! Rue the day the Sixth Princess," the Crow screams. "She will bring ruin to the land. For the death of the sonship of the kings will ever fail. She will bring death in her wake."

"No!" It bubbles up out of Dani, from the core of her being.

"Fate has you in my claws, little one." The eyes drill into her until it feels as if something is burning inside of her.

The vision begins to burn around the edges and tear apart. The smoke strangles her, dragging her from one horrible place to another.

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