I want her.
I want her. girls stories

cxndxce13Community member
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every time we kiss, i try

I want her.

every time we kiss,

i try

looking into your eyes and look at every detail.

every time we kiss,

i see her,

i remember what it was like to hear her voice,

what she sounded like was angles.

what she smelt like,

her smile, so perfect.

all i can think about is a girl.

a girl so perfect to me.

for me.

but i cant.

we cant.

i continue to kiss this boy.

he seems like hes enjoying this.

im not.

ill just give him what he wants.

im supposed to like this anyway, right?

why do i do this?

im tongue tied

i try to brush aside the fact i do not like this.

is it just cause i have no feelings for him?

what do i want?

how do i do this?

how am i supposed to live like this?

i cant.

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