THE ACT OF KARMA. fear stories

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In the dark all alone. Is it scary.


Abel was your average kid. He played ball, ate pizza all the time and gave his mother trouble. But, there was one thing strange about him.

He liked to throw rocks at birds and collect their dead bodies.

His mother always complained about this. In response, he always said, "Don't worry mother. They are just birds. Their lives do not matter"

One night, Abel decided he wanted to go to the nearby forest and kill some birds. It was a strange night. Dark and misty. Cold yet humid. Loud but, silent. All in one. That didn't stop Abel from going into the forest. He just kept walking. Crushing the wood and leaves beneath his feet.

"Ca-caw!" A bird shrieked someone near. A smile pulled at Abel's lips as he picked up a rock and followed a moving object fluttering in the sky. When the bird landed on the ground instead of picking up the rock, Abel screamed at the top of his lungs.

He ran and ran. As fast as his bony legs could take him but, it just wasn't enough. The bird's massive wings knocked him over. The bird landed on him and stared at him with his hungry eyes.

The boy tried to move however, he was paralyzed with fear. "Ple...please don't......don't eat me." The words slowly trembled out of Abel's mouth. "Don't worry," cried the bird, "you are a child. Your life does not matter."

And with that, the bird pecked out his eyes. One by one. Then he pulled out his tongue. Piece by piece. Lastly, the bird jabbed his beak in the boy's heart. And with that, the boy was dead.

This is a lesson......what goes around, comes around. THE END.

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