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The smell of old paper filled her nose upon stepping into the library.

Hidden in the Pages

The smell of old paper and ink filled her nose upon stepping into the library. Dust floats in the streams of sunlight from the windows.

Her footsteps are loud compared to the silence of the library. Fingers brush lightly against the covers of leather-bound books as she passes the shelves.

The back of the library is not as bright as the front, having fewer windows. Thumbing the piece of paper in hand, she begins her search. Many books sit on these shelves, forgotten.

Having not been touched in years, if the dust on them was any indication. She combed through multiple rows of old hard-covers with no luck.

She sighed as she leaned against an adjacent row, and read the paper again. Looking up, and let her eyes wander. There. On the last shelf, at the very bottom, was a big blue book.

Crouching down in front of it, she pulled the heavy book from the shelf. Flipping through the yellowed pages she searched. Looking and looking.

Inbetween two pages that were stuck together, was her family name. The records of the census were hard to find, but there, hidden in the pages in the back of the library... was her history.

Now that, was worth the search.

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