Foggy Mountains
Foggy Mountains rambling stories

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Something lives in the fog.

Foggy Mountains

Dense fog rolled off the mountains like a blanket. Covering everything it touched, the fog was far too dense to see in- let lone drive in.

Naturally, this was the excuse everyone gave for not going out in the fog.

That, however, did nothing to stop the reports of missings persons and found bodies coming in after a particularly foggy day.

See, no one goes out in the fog. Not the smart ones anyway.

No, the smart ones know. Know what the real reason is. The reason everyone barricades their doors when the fog rolls in.

The dumb ones- the ones who end up on the evening news the following day, pretend they don't know. They pretend that when the fog comes they don't hear the howls and screeches.

That they don't notice the torn tree branches and gouges in cars when it goes. That they don't hear about the ones who didn't barricade their doors, who just disappear.

They pretend its normal.

No one talks about it. It's just their way of life.

If by chance one day- you're traveling through foggy mountains, and you see something ahead?

... You better start running.

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