Villainous Thing [Villain!DanielXHero!Reader] [ Part 2 ]
Villainous Thing [Villain!DanielXHero!Reader] 
[ Part 2 ] cc roosterteeth stories
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|| Camp Camp Fanfiction || Daniel X Reader || Part 2 ||


Villainous Thing [Villain!DanielXHero!Reader] [ Part 2 ]

A hand waves in front of you as you snap out of your thoughts. "Huh? Oh- sorry Gwen." You say, sitting up quickly, hands clasped together. The entire team had its eyes on you now.

"Everything okay, [Y/N]?" Asked David at the other end of the table. "Of course, why do you ask?" You raise an eyebrow only to have Max speak up. "You're fucking crying."

Blunt as always...

Reaching up, you touch your wet cheek and mentally curse. "Ah, I guess I just zoned out, it's all okay." You swat at the air. "Continue the meeting."

You smile, hoping that David will understand and just get back to the topic.

After a look that said 'you'll talk to me about it after this', the redhead went back to the large holographic map of the city. "Well, as I was explaining, this new guy is kind of a huge threat.

So far, from what Neil gathered from the few minutes he got to collect information, he's isn't exactly something we've dealt with before. Does anyone know what a Demigod is?"

"Oh! I got this one!" Nerris said, standing up quickly, clearing her throat. "A demigod is a mortal divine status.

Either by a god and mortal having offspring or a mortal being raised to divine status." She explains happily with a smile.

"Very good, Nerris! Ten points to Team Magic!" David smiles, hands clasped before his smile dropped slightly. "Well- as Nerris explained- this is exactly what we have on our hands.

The townsfolk have taken to calling him 'The Killing Spree In White' or 'Ethereal' depending on who you talk too."

The redhead explains, tapping a few times in the air with the fancy green gloves he wore- bringing up a few reports.

"Wow, he looks like you Davey." Laughs the male beside David, Jasper. This doesn't amuse David it seems.

"Neil has found that he has only been around for about a month.

Hasn't really done anything terrible until last week, where he was found in the middle of the massacre in the middle of Sleepy Peak Park."

"HE did that?!" Snapped Preston, who slammed his hands on the table. "Forty six people were found dead by suicide! Are you telling me-" He stops as David speaks over him.

"As I said before, he isn't something we are use too. And I honestly don't want any of you near him yet..."

"Bullshit! We can handle him!" Max shouts. "Team Adrenaline can take it!" He says, as if nominating his three man team."Hah, as if, Team Magic has a better chance." Harrison rolls his eyes.

"Oh fuck off, Harrison." Neil snaps. "Personally, I think team Rad can take it." Ered says with a flip of her hair. "Ja! Agreed!" Dolph grins. "Unbelievable. Team Cosmic is far more capable."Preston scoffs.

"ENOUGH!" Snaps Gwen, standing up. "None of you are going anywhere near this guy.

From what we gather he has the ability to get in your head! I'll be damned if we're sending teens in to get killed by their hands- or their teammates hands!"

She looks between you, Jasper and David. "I think it's us who have to get involved."

As she's talking, you're busy looking through the information that was able to be retrieved.

Your eyes scanning over it, feeling a writhing hatred build in your chest, which is slowly doused as his voice calms you.


"David, I want to fight him." You say out of nowhere. "Wh-what!? [Y/N], he's-"

"He can't get in my head." You simply state. It was already occupied. You had the best defense against such an ability. "I- I think I can take him."


"I can handle it, David."

Not only did you have a defense, you had started working on your healing abilities. It was weak at the moment, only really able to fix first and second degree burns and small cuts.

But you were working on it! And your Earth manipulation was getting better by the day. You were able to terraport easily nowadays!

"I can't send you alone..."

"I'll go with them." Shrugs Jasper, arms crossed over his chest. "When I'm in ghost form, he can't really get into my head." He jabs a finger against his temple.

"Not exactly anything for him to get into!" He laughs, making a slight smile tug at your lips. David huffs, but seems to back down. "Fine- fine.

Just keep each other safe when you DO have to go after him, okay?" He demanded.

"Always am." You smile.

Jasper gives a lazy smile. "We'll see." He jokes, making David glare at him.

You chuckle lightly before you look at the profile before you. Examining it like your life depended on it.

Only for your alarm to go off. The song breaking the focus you had and making you jump up. "Oh crap! I'm gonna be late for practice!" You says, grabbing your bag from under the table.

"Sorry guys! You know how to get a hold of me!" Tapping the side of your wristwatch, you smile.

With that, you bring your feet together and let the material at your feet swallow you. It was still weird for you. To allow the Earth to move you to where you needed to be and all.

Terraporting was useful but took a great amount of concentration and not getting stuck under the ground where you'd likely suffocate...

But you tried not to think of that as you feel yourself shoot up through the Earth, pulling yourself out and huffing lightly as you look around the campus of your college.

Dusting yourself off, you quickly take off to practice-

Band Practice.

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