The Powerpuff girls
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Markedly, my impulse ridden thought(s) concerning sugar are,
"Sugar , Spice, and everything nice". Thank you, to all the creators who inspire me.

The Powerpuff girls

Markedly, my impulse ridden thought(s) concerning sugar are, "Sugar , Spice, and everything nice".

Yes, the power-puff girls. Three little cartoon figures, which resemble bumble bees and fly. Their minuscule voices and figures, maneuver their way past my fragile mind.

A bath bomb of colors softly scurry through my mind. Pink. Blue. Green. Purple (Ok, there is no purple, but I always imagined there was).

In hindsight, my examination of sugar should have led to the warm embrace of a 430 calorie: White Chocolate Mocha. Indeed, sugar is my lifelong addiction. My companion. However, food failed me today.

Instead, the "Powerpuff Girls" is what a 23 year old (alleged) Graduate student came up with. In truth, I am not attempting to think beyond my adolescent Cartoon Network fiestas.

The Power-puff girls are a welcome break to thesis deadlines, review papers, and endless research papers. Research papers that cover material that do not inspire me.

Monotonously, my life consists of discussions of: migration, politics, policies, and endlessly long verbose essays.

Yet, writing (i.e. the unacademic form) is intrinsic. As, I sit. When I am bored. When I am on break. My mind wanders to daydreams filled with spy stories and fake romances.

At times, I even narrate conversations (in my mind) as they occur in "real-time". For the longest time, I tried to hide, burry, and silence my words.

For some reason, I equated my writing with insanity. Admittedly, my thoughts often take a turn for the wacky. And well, these twisted forbidden thoughts come to play as I write.

More specifically, I did not expect to be so consistent with my posts. Frankly, my personality is stained with inconsistency and a lack of attention.

I fit the stereotype of a "spoiled child", who gets excited with a new toy, then throws it away. Initially, I took this platform as such (i.e. I think I posted 6 posts in 2 days). Meanwhile, I did not plan on continuing.

Now, I wake up, genuinely wanting to read what others post. I've grown accustomed to trespassing in to the minds/ ideas of creators here. In turn, it inspires me to write, write, write.

My creative juices have not been so nutritious and delicious in such a long time. I have effectively turned in to a word carnivore.

Thank you, to all who inspire me here (if I ever commented on your post, you inspire me) . Thank you, for helping me accept writing as part of my routine.

Indeed, I have a paper due (awfully soon) on the torture archive some call Blackboard. Instead, I choose to write this first- as a token to myself.

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