CUBEtoob: A Pursuit to Productivity

CubeToobHyper Habitat
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Becoming valuable through productive service and making profits through humanitarian effort.

CUBEtoob: A Pursuit to Productivity

by CubeToob

Optimal Solution and a Personal Issue

After college, I was broke, in debt, and still living at home. Grateful that I had (and still have) a place to "truly" find myself, I have begun the journey of full transformation of myself.

Change Myself to Help Myself

By working on 'me', enabling the best version of myself to become present, I seek to avoid previous failures and negative habits that hindered any form of positive progress.

Before you assist, you must know this:

I cannot help others when I cannot help myself. Which is the overall concept behind CUBEtoob - a simple housing solution to those in need in an alternative way.

What is next?

Seeking to be better. Everyday. Positive movements, motivational improvements.

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