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When the Consistency Struggle Is Real...

|Saturday Vibes|...

Lyric and I have been best friends since the 5th grade and I value our sisterhood.

The bond we have no one can come in between us and trust it's been tested a couple of times before, but our foundation is solid.

Anyways today is Saturday Lyric and I have this cute tradition that we've been doing for the last 4 years. Every other Saturday we'll vibe out and chill all day together.

Catching up on our week and enjoying real good girl talk. Lyric and I take our venting sessions very seriously.

As we're sitting on our customized lavender satin blanket, which by the way is used only for "Saturday Vibe Out" we like to set everything up like a picnic with our unique style as a twist.

This song comes on and I disconnect for a moment. I look over by the lake as the ducks are swimming by, out of nowhere I asked Lyric a question, that I ended up answering myself.

"I think I got this love and neglect thing with consistency. I mean I can be real hype in the beginning, talk all this beautiful shit and somewhere between day 4 and 5 I'm like...

what was the hype about again? Then in the background of muffled chatters in my head, I find myself trying to get back on track like it starts out on day 1,2 and 3.

Lyric do I have consistency issues? Omg I have consistency issues." Damn!

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