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a collection of (shitty) poems from my (shitty) brain.

journeyman; my poems

- bittersweet reminisce - introduction, rigid and painfully awkward (as introductions often seem to be)  full of fake smiles and unknowingly shared thoughts red hot, pale fire, as the summer wind sent the smell of freshly cut grass, sweat, and fire in her direction inhaling gratefully, her eyes remained on the pink haired ghost before her it stared back through pale blue eyes, taking in the shock of red and star patterns upon porcelain life the sun fell rapidly, exhausted from thirty hot days in june and the moon began to rise, winking at the stars in a sky that was now becoming increasingly dark chlorine splashed onto an eager grin even  especially at night, it noticed, the red seemed to cling to the porcelain, shining magnificently in the light of the moon, as the cool water shivered her lips purple the lonesome ghost in short pink hair blinked its pale blue eyes for what it saw seemed - or as it soon found, really was - too good to be true laughter of the truest, saddest, bliss could be felt throughout the night as they snuck inside, seemingly safe from the cold of brilliant night four souls now rested upon patched up leather (although one was arguably soulless), behind a glowing screen of light one, a ghost of pink hair, grey blue eyes, - sporting purplish bags - and infinite sorrow another, a simple nothing, blending in with the walls and darkness of the emotionally cold house the third, arrogant ! radiating false confidence and the urge to take and finally, the beautiful red shocking locks, porcelain skin speckled with stars and curiosity that burned brighter than any sun in any galaxy   the cocky one suggested a cruel game that lit up the eyes of the ghost this could be its chance !  darkness grew and the ghost found the passion of red to be anything but false instead it was wild and caring and oh so curious always curious the ghost had surely never been happier than this but suddenly its heart was staked by a hypocritical vampire who felt nothing but greed the arrogant soul ! it cast the ghost into a  pit of which it could not escape this shock silenced the red and her marvelous curiosity  she fell in line, sparing nothing more that thoughtful glances to the starving ghost weeks come to pass, years even, with no words from the red curiosity the ghost figured it was time to move forward but, oh, it never did-

- patterns - coldest mornings in march, we'd walk (shaking hand in shaking hand) down the sidewalk along the dewy grass, under the grey sky, breathing the crisp cold air the smell is the sweetest thing i'll remember the dew and the wind and hand sanitiser she always smelled of hand sanitiser, so much that the smell became something i look for i'd push and yell and upset her every day i did but i loved her i swear we reached the little cafe, we ate lunch on picnic tables even in the cold ravens perched upon trees not far above us she ate a salad (really only the lettuce) and i took a few bites out of a sandwich  because eating wasn't really our deal back then neither of us liked that the other was destroying themselves  but we both figured that if we didn't let go, nothing bad could happen i remember laughing i remember carrying her out of the cave claustrophobia, how could i have forgotten ? once we saw the light of the grey sky again, though, her breathing was back to normal and i was sorry we stood overtop the cave and threw rocks well, i threw them, she told me that i could hurt someone that's how it usually went; i'd do something quite dumb, and she'd roll her hazel eyes at me but that's gone now, and its because of me you should stay back i swear, stay back from me you'll be hurt too

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