yearning for autumn
yearning for autumn poetry stories
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crabchips they/them
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a love letter to the seasons of this earth,

yearning for autumn


these dog days have grown too hot.

i find myself sipping the water

from the barren pond.

the sweat on my forehead

glistens like crystals in a dim, dark cave.

we fan ourselves and pray for a cool wind.

the sun, however, will continue to dance

on the baby blue canvas above us.

it's the height of the summer,

and we're stuck in it.


if i had the energy, i'd weave flower crowns

out of dandelions and morning glories.

we'd dance til our legs gave out.

but here we are,

hoping for a fair mistress to take us away

in her cold arms.

oh, i can't wait for the trees to

shed their greenery and turn into

the colors of a warm campfire.

i want wool blankets to keep me safe

within their comfort.

and then, perhaps you and i

can finally smell of pumpkin seeds

and vanilla.

wouldn't that be lovely?


but for now, we have to be patient

and wait for this summer to end.

don't misunderstand my words;

i love the midsummer spell

that has been casted upon the earth,

but i think it reached its limit.

i look forward to the slow decay

of the summer.

with open arms,

i will kiss autumn tenderly.

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