kids of a rotting youth
kids of a rotting youth poems stories

crabchips they/them
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we're falling, we're dying, we're screaming out.
but at least we have each other.

kids of a rotting youth

run with us.

the streetlamps guide our way out

of this rotting town.

gray clouds circle the skies.

the rain hits our skin like bullets.

fierce kisses, baseball bats spotted with blood, crumbling bridges.

they can't catch us,

not while we speed down the streets with fate biting at our ankles.

there's five things i learned from these spirits around me:

1. green eyes always burn with love and care.

2. strong arms can carry the weight of the world.

3. there's a face among us that brightens the shadows.

4. his singing voice is powerful enough to make sirens jealous.

5. the locks of hair change color whenever the angels stroke them.

we may be stuck in this hell,

but let's make the most of it.

with golden blood and frigid tongues,

we'll reclaim our youth from their poisoned grasp.

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