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we live amongst the youth. they may not see us, but we'll always protect them.

guardian angels

mortals are so interesting,

for their mouths are full of poison.

one kiss and you'll die in an instant.

fag, tranny, dyke.

they have so many hateful words for us.

but hush, we'll keep you safe from their harm.

hues of purple, blue, pink.

white, black, green, gray.

yellow, pink, blue.

blue, white, pink.

black, white, purple, yellow.

all the colors of the rainbow.

wings as soft as cotton,

halos as golden as a candle.

you belong here.

don't let their venom seep into your veins.

there is ichor inside you.

so pure, so holy.

soon, you'll be like us with giant wings

who caress the backs of children,

children just like us who went through

so much strife, so much abuse.

dry your tears, love.

heaven is waiting.

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