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crabchipsao3: fallentale
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and then i woke up.

futuristic, prehistoric

the rulers of the earth have returned.

their skeletal remains picked themselves up from beneath the red rock,

and glued themselves back into the archaic puzzle of life.

their ancient flesh twisted around their claws,

and they roared into the sky.

gods, did they roar.

each step they took shook the ground.

the blood within my veins screamed and fell silent.

the glass bottle dripped into the crevices,

the purple liquid whispering sweet words into their time-worn skulls.

stay, stay, stay.

rule, rule, rule.

the kings and queens of rock, sea, and sky

found themselves running with me.

past the canyons and the plateaus and the dying rivers.

the rock glitched, the rock quivered, and the rock just gave out.

instead, the green welcomed us.

the white cottage, swallowed up by moss and trees,

embraced me and protected me from the rage the royals brought.

giant jaws ate the land and colossal footprints marked the mud.

the pieces of the bottle rested in my calloused hands,

and i watched my island--my little, little island--fall to its knees.

i didn't smile or even frown.

bones like those shouldn't walk the earth.

mortals like me shouldn't play futuristic tricks on wrathful beasts.

the rulers of the earth have returned,

and gods, they are furious.

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