You Are All The Good Feelings Wrapped Into One...
You Are All The Good Feelings Wrapped Into One... happy place stories

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Just a little “scene” I wrote. Having a play around with ya romance. 💕

You Are All The Good Feelings Wrapped Into One...

As we lay there in the grass, the sunset creating a mix of gold and pink above us, I turned to look at him. His smooth skin glowing in the dimming sunlight.

I have never been the girl to talk about her feelings. Mainly because I felt that I had no one who wanted to listen, but he made me want to open up about my emotions to him. I needed to let him into the inner workings of my brain, or else how would we be able to proceed with our relationship?

“Everett?” “Yeah, Clementine?” My name sliding out of his lips was like warm butter on freshly toasted bread, as he turned his head so that our eyes met in a gentle gaze.

“I don’t think I’ve felt this secure for a long time.” I didn’t know how else to describe the feeling he gave to me whenever he was around.

For so long I’ve been the girl everyone wanted me to be and hid away my true self. I’ve always behaved in the way people expected me to. I’ve kept on top of my academics, I’ve said what everyone has wanted to hear. I’ve always been the perfect girl that has her life all put together. Or so people thought.

Everett has shown me how to be… well... me.

I don’t want to be fake around him, so I don’t act fake. I don’t tell him what he wants to hear, I tell him the truth.

When I’m with Everett, I’m Clementine. Not ‘Clem’, this made up person that never truly has and never truly will exist.

I could see the confusion swimming in his eyes. This is the most open I’ve been with him. My walls have officially crumbled to tiny little pieces, now sitting in a pile of rubble on the ground.

“What exactly do you mean by that?”

“For so long I’ve been pretending to be someone else. But, not with you. I’ve never really felt like I belonged anywhere. I’m so different from those around me. I know that my family and friends try their best to connect with me, but they’re not connecting with the real me. But... you are. With you I feel like I belong somewhere.”

“I’m glad to hear you say that.” He turned to face the sky again. “You’re not the only one who feels like they’ve finally found home.”

All I could do was to move in closer to him, while he wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I have found my happy place, finally after so long. It is him.

“Clementine… you are all the good feelings wrapped into one.” He is my happy place.

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