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cosmic orange juice supremacist
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you like smiles.
unfortunately, it's very hard for me to smile.


a gentle laugh. a warm feeling erupting through my heart.

I turn my head to look at you. you're smiling, unaware of the things you make me feel.

it's so painful how oblivious you are to everything.

(but at the same time, it's endearing, because I could never hate anything about you.)

you flash me a grin, aware of my sudden movement. I scoff and turn away.

(but only because it would be too obvious if I did anything else.)

you let out a huff of disappointment. "You're not giving me a smile back?"


"Why not?"

(because I'm absolutely in love with you, asshole, and that would be too embarrassing.)

"Because looking at your face hurts me."

(but that's a lie.)

"Ouch. Well, right back at you."


(it was obvious that you were joking. just as it was obvious that I was joking.)

"But if it reassures you, your face is a lot more bearable when you smile."

I pulled my face muscles in a ridiculously exaggerated way. "Like that?"

"Yeah. See? You look a lot nicer already."

(I could feel the blood rush to my face.)

"Whatever." I turn around, ready to go back to pretending that I did not have feelings for you.

(it was very quiet for a few minutes.)


I turned around for at least the third time today. "What do you want?"

"For you to smile more. I meant what I said."

(my heart is melting.)

"I'll think about it."

"Good." you smiled at me.

I smiled back at you.

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