Criminal Captured
Criminal Captured poetry stories

cornyron When you hit rock bottom, dig for oil.
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So this is a follow-up to a piece I wrote earlier called Crime and Punishment. I had a commenter on it who mentioned "showing not telling", so now I'm trying my hand at it. There is a second piece following this one which I'll be posting a day or two after this one.

Criminal Captured

You did it. You stole. You killed, A man in cold blood.

For your family? A righteous cause, Possibly. But what if?

Every man did as you did? Steal in hunger. Kill in desperation... Anarchy is what.

You see yourself in light. But you're not. You're only unfortunate, For being a captured thief.

Forty years, Is what you'll serve. And your family? Well they're appalled.

You'll work, Day and night, But nevermore, Will you taste freedom.

Have a good day. God rest your soul. And what other pleasantry. Justice has been served.

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