A Man and His Fish
A Man and His Fish fishing stories

cornyron When you hit rock bottom, dig for oil.
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This is supposed to be a bit of comedic satire, and it's sort of bad. I'm probably going to make a few more of these and hope I get better. I just sort of fell in love with the idea of writing cynical jokes about common anecdotes.

A Man and His Fish

You give a man a fish, He eats for a day.

You teach a man to fish, He eats for a lifetime.

Now this man only knows fishing. But, he has accumulated a little wealth.

To further his fishing career, He boat a fishing boat.

On this fishing boat, He caught more fish.

The man accrued exponential amounts of wealth. And he bought a bigger boat.

However, now, the man wanted a better life. Thus he moved to Japan.

There, he used his accrued wealth. He hired a crew and bought a better boat.

This boat was a whaling boat. And he killed Shamu.

But now, he's rich, And it was all for "research".

Congratulations... You created a whaler :)

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