train flood
train flood symbolism stories

constellationsanon lesbian / pining secretly
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and there were waves and waves and waves and waves and waves of you

train flood

i sit on my mellow train ride going, going, nowhere shallow raindrops flick and hit the window quiet enough to ignore thin enough to hide an oncoming storm

i let my heavy eyelids rest for one moment and when my lashes flicker i am greeted with waves slowly rising and lifting the heavy metal car encasing me sweeping

the waves crash and hit thrashing me within these confines my quiet world shaken by this mass of emotion

my train is flooding and i don't care because if it is you who is the waves then i almost wanna be swept up if you are the thrashing waves pulling me away

my raft is battered hardly afloat i am sinking rapidly within the depths of my heart i know i would be safer if i could swim though i long to drown in your depths

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