Day 4
Day 4 hungergames stories

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Day 4

Kiara sits in the tree, starving. She was too scared to come out of her hiding place. She didn't have any weapons, or experience killing somebody. She sees Maura around sometimes, pretending she doesn't see her. The same happens right now.

Maura comes to Kiara's tree and looks up at Kiara who still "hasn't" noticed her yet. "Maura, I know your there." Kiara rolls her eyes, and Maura once again takes off.

Lumity, Elliott, Allie, and Cali hide in the bushes where Elliott and Luxeish were in, in the beginning of the games. "He isn't here." Allie says to Elliott. "then i'll wait." Elliott says. Lumity knows they cant talk her out of it.

"Please. If you stay here you might die. Our district needs to win." Cali says. Elliott shakes her head. They leave Elliott all alone, waiting on false hope.

Raven watches Emma, Chop, and Artemis laughing and eating bird. Raven hasn't eaten since the games started. "I knew it!" Augustus said, looking right at Raven. Raven's eyes widened and she pulls out her bow and arrow. "Chill. We're not going to hurt you. Come." Augustus leads Raven to them.

"Raven-" Emma gasps. She instantly gives Raven her piece of chicken. Raven eats it. "The Fantasimic 5." Smirks Artemis. They finish eating and then make plans for their kill.

Corinna and Ria climb out from under the rock. It was too cold under there now since it was snowing. "Where do we go?" Ria asks. Corinna walks off and Ria has no choice but to follow her. They find an overhang of leaves, that keep the underneath nice and warm.

"Tomorrow we hunt." Corinna says, wiping mud on her face. "For people? And why are you wiping mud on your face." "for weapons. And It helps me camouflage, and the sun is still dangerous when its snowing. I need sunblock." Corinna rolls her eyes.

Ruby walks through the forest peacefully. She was far from the cornucopia and confident that nobody will find her. She twirls in the fog until she gasps of pain. "Acid fog!" She shrieks. She runs the other direction as fast as she can.

"Acid fog! RUN!" She yells. Then she wonders why she is warning everybody. She could win this if they all die because of the fog. "The fog feels so nice!" Ruby gasps, lying. She doesn't know if anybody can hear her, but she hopes.

Venn and Wren perk up once they hear Ruby yell. "They acid fog feels nice?" Laughs Venn. "If I didnt know better i'd say shes trying to kill us!" Wren nods. "Lets go kill her-" Venn suggests.

"I-i think you've had enough killing." Wren says. "I didn't kill anybody. You saw the sky! Elliott is still alive!" "So you want to go right toward the fog?" Wren scoffs. They think that Venn has a problem with killing. They know it will haunt Venn for the rest of his days if he kills anybody.

"If you kill Ruby... the alliance is off." Wren stutters. Venn groans. "Fine. We'll lay low. I'll go gather some resources." Venn grunts. Venn walks into the trees to find food.

"We go after the weak people. Thats final. Im the oldest here." Wolfy orders, tired of listening to her LITTLE sister. "Fine. Buzzkill." Anna rolls her eyes. Obskuria grabs his packs and slaps Lex to wake up. "Hunt?" She groans. Obskuria nods. Lex smiles, and grabs her own pack.

"Okay Ruby has a sword and is good at hiding. Ria has survival skills, Corinna is underestimated, Luxeish is on his own, Maura can run fast, and Kiara is probably somewhere up a tree." Wolfy says. "Well you pay attention-" Anna says surprised.

"I say Ruby." I want a good fight." Lex smirks. "Maura. She's an easy target." Obskuria says. "I still say Chop, Artemis, Emma, and Augustus." Anna groans. "Emma and Augustus are underestimated. We don't know their skills." Wolfy says.

"I vote Maura." Wolfy says. So the careers go off to find Maura, who is already planning her next target.

Maura watches the careers. They leave through the woods nd that gives Maura the perfect opportunity to grab a mace and try to find Ria. To kill Ria. She starts running through the woods. Something nobody knew about maura was that she isn't only fast but she is a great tracker.

"Only two can win and I want to be one of them..." Maura whispered to herself. All of a sudden she felt a chill and snow started to fall around her. "Im close..." She saw the boot tracks leading to under an overhang. She looks under the leaves and there is Ria and Corinna. They scream.

Maura yanks Ria from out of the overhang and bludgers her head with a mace. "Ria!!!" Corinna yells. Corinna throws a knife at Maura which hits her in the hand. "My hand!!!" Cries Maura in agony. "You pierced a hole in my hand!"

"You killed my alliance!" Corinna yells back. She looks to a moaning Ria on the floor. "She's not dead. Shes brain dead." Maura says. Corinna throws a knife through Ria's head. "Now she's dead." Corinna glares at Maura.

"And you will be too." Corinna throws another knife which scrapes Maura's ear. Maura sloppily tries to bang her mace against Corinna. Then Maura actually is about to KILL Corinna when an arrow shoots through Maura's head. Corinna looks up to see Emma.

"Emma!? Why aren't you with your alliances." Corinna asks. She lowers her daggers. "I-I was sent to get another med kit- Raven accidentally sliced Augustus's leg open..." Emma explains. "Cornucopia is that way. Why did you come here?" Corinna asks.

"I needed to make sure that our district stood a chance. For that you need to be alive." Emma says. "I have to go. Stay hidden." Emma then runs off back to her alliances.

Elliot dips in the the teal water. It was so pretty and Elliott needs to wash her hair anyways. She feels her clothes sogging up as she floats on her back. <darkpahntom111 sponsors Elliot with a med kit> A parachute floats down to Elliott and she opens it.

"Thank you." Elliott whispers and slathers on medicine where Venn had stabbed her. Chop and Emma had helped some, but it still hurt a lot. "Wait- Elliott!?" Luxeish gasps, and Elliotts shrieks. "Luxeish! Luxeish!" She stops floating on her back and goes to hug Luxeish, not caring that she was soaked.

"I got us some food." Luxeish shows Elliott a whole pack full of chocolate. "You can't be serious!" Elliott laughs. She stuffs some chocolate into her mouth.

The careers run back to the cornucopia. Anna has radiation marks all across her arms and face. "Get the medicine!" Wolfy orders Obskuria. Obskuria and Wolfy put the medicine on Anna. "The acid fog is moving quick. We should pull out tents." Lex suggests.

They each pull out tents, bracing for the acid. Chop has already set up a tent too. "Where's Emma?" Raven asks. Augustus holds down on his leg. "Sorry dude." "She'll be here... I think." Chop says.

It soon turned to night. Deaths: Seryna from district 1 Maura from district 10 Ria from district 10

"Emma's alive." Chop smiles. "Yeah, but I still need my medicine." Augustus groans. Raven rolls her eyes. "Patience." Artemis says. "We have to wait for the fog to clear"

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