Creator Spotlight: @Goldenflame
Creator Spotlight: @Goldenflame creator spotlight stories

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Creator Spotlight: @Goldenflame

I'm a genderfluid teen who loves to write poems and stories.

Some Life Advice:

My advice is to take an opportunity when you see it. You may have a chance today that you might not have tomorrow.

Getting Inspiration for Writing:

I usually listen to music or look at the things around me to get inspiration. Being around my family and friends also helps.

What do you like about Commaful?

I love how accepting and kind this community is. Commaful is a place where I can truly be myself, and also have the chance to meet great writers.

Advice for Others on Commaful:

Don't worry about the followers or how many likes you get! Just enjoy yourself, meet new people, and write from your heart.

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