Creator Spotlight: @Carillon_twins
Creator Spotlight: @Carillon_twins creator spotlight stories

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Creator Spotlight: @Carillon_twins

‘Tis of two humble bards this tale sparred at last. Everblue bespeaks the nightingale of Dragons charmed back to life, and of loves ne’er left on read.

Some Life Advice:

Ne’er shall you wander with a compass amiss of aim; a heart doth find its beats in a reason, that falling star that but the northern is to the sails that venture will.

Getting Inspiration for Writing:

‘Tis only of Dusty Eyes not to look ‘round, and among tides, and when the storm strikes, and love prevails, and when hate murders, to plea and sing of the sea.

What do you like about Commaful?

As a clock has no meaning to be without its hands, a community not to leave yonder, or a ship to stay abaft by. For a Pirate has a crew, and their clue of love.

Advice for Others on Commaful:

Everblue cross your Coin of Fortune. Rather to risk and lose ‘tis better, than a silent watcher who roams in doubt to stay.

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