Creator Spotlight: @Await_alive
Creator Spotlight: @Await_alive creator spotlight stories

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Creator Spotlight: @Await_alive

"I'm Sithu. kind, friendly and creative. I love writing, music & snail mail. I love to write dark things that other people can connect with and share emotions. "

Some Life Advice:

Take you time to know yourself. don't ever be a victim. follow your honest heart. never give up on trying new things. work hard. most of all be proud of who you are♡

Getting Inspiration for Writing:

I turn my experiences into words, sometimes nature, reading books or listening to music, word phases. anything can bring inspiration. keep your eye sharply on things.

What do you like about Commaful?

It's a good community to write as well as have friends with. the environment is peace and positive. we can dive into emotions and feelings here I love that.

Advice for Others on Commaful:

Write form your heart, let all the words flow. try it slowly there is no rule that you have to be famous within a month. make friends. mostly enjoy your time.

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