shipwrecked youth

comababyin love with the darker things
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another part of my restless thoughts.

shipwrecked youth

by comababy

drink bleach, fill our eyes with glitter,

our mouths with pills,

to cover the dark circles, the tear stains,

to fit into forced frames,

covered in pastel and broken smiles,

racing hearts and wasted nights,

in powder & roses, everything nice.

setting ourselves on fire

in love with the destruction, the madness,

children of the moon, with sough surrounded thoughts,

warm, quiet EPs,

with feelings that are drowning,

secrets that are deadly,

encaged in starless darkness,

with the hope under our pillows,


with a mind of dying dandelions,

standing in knee-deep water

- tinted skies

creating thousands of personalities,

hoping one might survive, hoping one might be strong enough to cope with

the things that keep us sleepless at night,

the killing hands we hate so much,

the killing hands we love so much,

as it's the only promises we get,

the only lullaby to make us feel safe,

as we're the shipwrecked youth.

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@bernardtwindwil Thanks, I tried my best to make it as cogent as possible, but still tried to connect it with the mess of picture & associations I had in mind.

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller,
9 months agoReply
This was a wonderful example of free association. You uncovered the skill to make it cogent rather than aimless rambling. I loved it. Great job!!!!