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Hey, are you looking at me Hey, are you looking at me

Anxious cycle

Hey, are you looking at me Hey, are you looking at me

I don’t want you to look at me But maybe I do since I think about it so much

No that’s not right that’s what I fear I feel incarcerated I can’t breathe… no that’s my agoraphobia speaking

I didn’t know mental illnesses could talk until they kept me awake at night I hate it most when they conversate with me at plain sight

I want to throw up I thought this would be gone if I grew up

I’ve grown an inch I tell you an inch, yet I still feel sick But I'm fine


I often define myself as fine and then I defy my own spoken line by breathing heavier every time

I better start biting on a bottle cap before I snap Then ill bite on my index nail before my emotions become frail

I’m not trying to catastrophize my own mental demise But god does it feel like hell every time I walk through a hall thinking I’m suffocating in a water filled hole

In reality I’m drowning in a drought there’s nothing around besides my own doubt Everyone that came around I avoided Now my world feels voided

I’m hurting… I wish someone would try to heal my wounds Though no one seems to notice I’m bleeding but that just can’t be

Hey, I thought I told you to look at me

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