Lets just call it a prank
Lets just call it a prank stories

coldanddarkThis is as it is...
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I guess its very stupid...

Lets just call it a prank

by coldanddark

Oh yeah! I have feelings for him. Shall i reveal it out or i should die with regret.

Does he even bother about me. Oh god! He is so perfect.. Oh i have a idea to express it. I should write a letter

I added all the stuff from his hairs to his perfect legs. Yes i love the way he walk. I love the way he talk. His perfecf lips and that perfect jaw.

I am caged in my heart. Waiting for him to open the door. Want to run hard to him to wrap myself in his arms. God i want him so bad.

He is reading that letter so quietly that even his breath would also sound weird. I know the reaction, which i dont wanna hear.

At last he just stand up and came to me and asked with patience. Who is she?? Half dead me with full blank mind..

She is someone who loves you, and i cannot reveal here identity anyhow. He said pleading me " just tell her name " Oh god no its impossible, please understand.

With a upset mood he went back. Unknown of the effect he has on me. I was shouting on top of my voice that i am the one who loves you the most, but that voice just disappear somewhere inside m

At last tired of all those feeling i went to him. And with a big hard smile told him ' How was the prank my friend'

He shouted and promised to never believe me again. Cuz i wasted his day in such a stupid thing. I realized that yes all this was really stupid cuz he'll never know the truth.

All these feelings were tied in a box of prank. The truth came with me and buried with me.

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