Say no to racism and xenophobia.


                              Say no to racism 
                              and xenophobia.  racism stories

clichepenname Avant - garde . I like to create trends
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Racism faced by ASIAN NURSES right now in many parts of the world .
Thank you @dearpoetri for your contribution to this collaboration.

Say no to racism and xenophobia.

By Clichepenname & Dearpoetri

She looked at their eyes All she saw was vile intent

They looked at her eyes All they saw was Asian descent

She walked past them silently Slurs and spit aimed at her visage

She told herself they aren’t the enemy Her mind is set she can’t hold no grudge

She feels racism is irrational But she still has some hope

She believes humanity is magical Many scholars does she quote

She peels off her clothes To get into her scrubs

She has taken an ethical oath She knows a lot of patients are in her trust

It’s paramount to spread love and not hate during these trying times . Hate the virus not the people .

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